Smoking — One of the most Dangerous, VOLUNTARY Steps to your Health!

Notice that the title of this article says that Smoking is voluntary, if you are a smoker and have tried several times to give up, you probably think that Smoking is not voluntary. But let’s admit to the truth, you do choose each time you light up, you could as well choose not to.

I have a good friend who is and has been a heavy smoker for the 19 years I have known him. About 10 years ago he previously a heart attack at age 45, which resulted in a quadruple bypass. When i visited my friend at the hospital, he was scared half to death, he said that his doctors told him he would need to make some change in lifestyle, one of which was to give up Smoking. He swore that she was when this occurs, done wholesale weed pipes with tobacco forever… well that survived two weeks, he previously made a selection. This is a guy who was and still is in fairly good wellbeing, his job is challenging, he is active in some sports, not overweight. So his major risk factor is most likely Smoking, and he’s chosen to still smoke. He is about 5 years younger than me and, sadly I fully expect that we will attend his memorial. Which is why it really is a selection, not necessarily a wise one, but still a selection,

Well let’s get real… I know, I was a heavy smoker for over 25 years before I convinced myself that we had a selection. Quitting by whatever method you choose is not a walk in the park! That’s what this newsletter and in fact what this entire site is all about, assisting you with tips, motivation and resources to overcome your health challenges.

Because they are all just as damaging to your health and the healthiness of those around us we should include all of the methods that we abuse our wellbeing with tobacco in this article. We will deal with every one of them one-by-one.

Electric tobacco — snuff, dip, chew, etc.

Using electric tobacco causes bad inhale, stains and would wear down your teeth, can cause painful mouth sores, can raise your blood pressure and your cholesterol. Over time you will be at higher risk for heart attack and cancer.

Water line Smoking

Water line Smoking improves the risk of periodontal disease (loss of teeth tissue, bone loss, and loss of teeth), mouth and top sores and lesions, several by mouth cancers, heart attack and vascular disorders.

Cigarette Smoking

Cigarette Smoking causes 87% of lung cancer fatalities, raises the risk of heart problems, contributes to high blood pressure, and vascular disease, and increases those risks for other people by disclosing them to smoke.

Cigar Smoking

Many ex cigarette smokers are cigar smokers and try to encourage themselves that this is a safe way to smoke, because they don’t breathe in. In fact almost all cigar smokers who have been cigarette smokers do breathe in. Cigar smokers who never were cigarette smokers usually do not breathe in. Cigar Smoking whether you breathe in or not is still as damaging to your heath as any other form of tobacco use, there may be somewhat less risk of lung cancer, however there is no decreased risk of many other styles of cancer, if you breathe in added cancer types are added to the list.

We face a great amounts of advertising messages each day that try to glamorize tobacco use. To balance the message see the 1964 Surgeon General Report on Smoking this became the first real indication to the public that there were dire risks associated with tobacco use. At the time this report was published about 70% of the You. S. adult population were smokers, Smoking was represented in movies and on television, in ads, on billboards, and glamorized in any way possible.

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