Organic SEO Marketing Practices To help Your Site Rank

The roll-out of the latest search engine algorithms means death to many internet marketers as well as to put many websites at a negative balance. That ranking checker online being said, this is the chance for many web owners to improve their web-site’s ranking and all that by doing organic SEO and SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING practices. By doing honourable SEO, web owners might find long term results and need not take into account having their sites dump in the sandbox as we say.

What are Organic SEO practices?

We have heard it before but for some who are just new to the internet marketing industry or online marketers, organic SEO basically means utilizing tools available today at their removal and never having to resort to paying for these tools or services. Examples of these tools include — keyword search tools, web analytics and rival analysis.

Organic SEO Tools

Keyword search tools are one of the essentials that website owners should utilization in improving their site ranking. Keywords are basically a bunch of words or phrases that one wants to be associated with. These keywords are what internet surfers would usually type their search if they want to find something in the internet. These tools are often available for a fee but some sites offer basic features for free. Examples are those of Google’s Keyword Planner, Wordstream’s Free Keyword tool and Bing’s Keyword Research. There are some sites that also offer free keyword searches that you check in the internet and some have backups of data/stats so you could get accurate organic searches for the keyword that you intend to use.

Web Analytics is another useful SEO tool as it gives valuable insight to the webmaster and can help them collect data that will help them modify their web-site’s performance. Web analytics is useful for businesses as it helps improve their general market trends and aids in assisting new campaigns. Web analytics comes in two categories — on-site and off-site. On-site analytics measures what visitors do when they go to the website. The data are a good idea in improving the web-site’s pages and also help measure the visitor’s response against other visitors. Off-site analytics on the other hand, helps the company determine opportunities outside their customer base as well as check other buzz or trends.

Last but not the least is the rival analysis. Using this tool will help the company determine the opportunities and dangers in the industry. This is done by helping the company understand their competitor(s) better through careful remark of their activities.

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